Monday, December 10, 2007

A post that is better than nothing at all

I have so much to say about the graduation and the weekend, but cannot write anything that doesn't sound ridiculously bitter. It was a great time with a few exceptions from his mother and the weather. Stuff I would love to get out, but I'm afraid the ending to our wonderful, relaxing weekend was not good. The couple that leads our small group announced they are pregnant last night. They have 27 month little boy and an 8 month little girl. Bitter doesn't really even begin to cover it.

I don't want to be bitter, I'm happy for them. I 'm just really mad that it isn't us. I think I'm past the sad stage. Nothing makes me sad anymore, just really, really angry. And I'm tired of sounding like a depressing git. I want to be happy, to share the happy thoughts and feelings I am having right now. All that wants to come out however is the anger. So, a few good things that maybe won't sound too bad.

Mr. Sparky graduated and I was there to support him in that.
We are doing TONS better in regards to our relationship.
I am going to make a boat load of cookies this weekend.
Our concrete is being removed by a friend for only $400!!!! (the people we bought the house from put in concrete flower beds the are 12" deep (of concrete!!) and 6" wide (of concrete!!!) and it has re bar in it. Morons. Other people quoted us $2500 to remove it)
I met some really cool wives at the graduation party.

Hopefully more when I am not so openly bitter because I have some serious MIL stories that would just knock your socks off!

3 comments: said...

I'm sorry, Nessa.

I'm glad you and Mr. Sparky are doing better- and that you met some cool women. That is a BIG deal, in my book anyway!

Dooneybug said...

Wow, that couple sure has been "busy". I'm so sorry that it wasn't you and Mr. Sparky getting to make an announcement. I sure do hope that comes around soon for you.

But look at all the positive things going on in your life right now! A happy relationship, saving $ and meeting cool people is the best!

Can't wait to hear your MIL stories. You know how I love mine!

Mrs Marcos said...

Yeah, I'm waiting on the MIL stories...I love interesting family tales.