Friday, June 12, 2009

A whole month!

Well hello stranger.

I haven't posted because I haven't wanted to read how crappy things have been lately. There's been no desire to write. I get ready to and then realize that even I am tired of listening to myself whine.

So I'm going to write only about the positive things.

- I got that job, and I really like it. I've been there since May 27th.

- We have been assigned a loan processor for our modification after they said they couldn't process it because I didn't send them any pay recent pay stubs - HELLO! OUT OF WORK!

- We have a new case worker and we met her on Wednesday. She seems nice, but she's new to the agency and we'll see if she's competent. So far no one else has been.

- We let her know exactly how we feel about the agency and EVERYTHING that has gone wrong from the beginning until now****

- My dog no longer smells like a sewer rat. Thank you dog groomers for fixing the noxious beast.

- I get to make these and these for my best friends bridal shower next weekend. I am scared but also very, very excited to eat them. I am also making a GIANT cupcake too. The shower is on her birthday and cupcakes are her most very favorite food.

And that is all for now, since I have to get ready for work.

****I know this goes outside the positive realm, but I had to tell you this. In February when our match fell through we changed our profile to bi-racial and latino. In March I checked with the pregnancy worker in our area and she said it was done and not to worry. I spoke with our new case worker two weeks ago and she told me IT NEVER GOT CHANGED! For four freaking months we weren't showed to the majority of the birth mothers because they dropped the ball. We are thinking if we don't get matched before our homestudy expires (Jan) then we will demand they pay for 3/4 of the renewal price because it was their fault we lost four months. What do you think?


Lavender Luz said...

Hi, Nessa. Here from L&F, and I'm also a mom via adoption.

You have every right to be angry at the dropped ball, and the opportunities it may have cost you. How very frustrating.

If I were in your position, I would ask the agency as sweetly as possible how they intend to make good on their mistake that may very well have had HUGE implications for you. They might surprise you by offering even more than you would ask for.

And they might disappoint you by offering less. But I would try to go the sympatico route before going adversarial, and use the demanding only as a last resort.

If you want to discuss this more off-blog, email me at bestlightlori at the gmail place.

KLTTX said...

Here from L&F as well.

I agree with Lori's approach. I am also an adoptive mom. We too initially had our profile as caucasian only and as soon as we changed to add latino, we got two matches and ended up adopting our precious son just a few weeks later. I know that you are sad and frustrated by our agency's mistake. If Lori's approach does not work, I am not sure I would demand more since you still need to rely on them a lot until you get a match, the baby is born and you have a finalization. Note that you likely have have to have a current homestudy at the time of finalization and in many states you can't finalize until at least 6 months after birth. Good luck and I hope that you get the perfect match soon.

Deb said...

Over from L&F also. I totally agree with Lori. Making that change could have made a huge difference, but try the honey first before going to the vinegar.

So glad you like your new job. That is really a big positive.

Keep your chin up!!