Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emily Elizabeth

I am sitting here with my daughter snuggled in my lap.

It still feels so surreal that I have a daughter.

I would have written sooner, as I have SO MUCH TO SAY. About everything. But it is amazing how much you cannot get done with a newborn. Even one as, dare I say it, "easy" as Emily. I know you came back for pictures and not to listen to a new mommy wax rapsodic about her precious weshious, so I'll get to the posting of pics now.

Thanks for all your good wishes, we love every one of you inside this wonderful computer!

Too tired to figure out the stupid layout for the pics.


Blessed said...


Ashley said...

Awe!! Congrats!! She's beautiful!!

KLTTX said...

Congratulations! She is gorgeous.

Jenni said...

I jsut wanted to say congratulations to you and your husband. She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful.

Don't apologize for not blogging, or not doing anything other than cuddling your baby. I didn't even put my Christmas tree up last year because I didn't want to put mine down.

Enjoy it all!

Rebekah said...

So sweet! I love that first picture with those chubby cheeks! We have the same carseat in lime and I can't believe Ty was ever that small...He has grown so fast, yet still seems like my little baby - until I see your little baby!

It's wonderfully exhausting - enjoy every second. Oh and don't listen to what everyone says about spoiling babies. You hold her every minute!!!! :)

allyouwhohope said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful!