Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Mr. Pharmacist for a good dose of embarrasement

He wanted to go inside, I said no - the parking lot is full and the drive through is empty.

I am thanking my lucky stars we didn't go inside. It was bad enough at the drive through.

The pharmacist was elderly and apparently had a hearing problem. I wasn't driving and couldn't make eye contact due to Mr. Sparky's head being in the way. However. The way the drive through is situated you can see directly to the massive line of waiting people inside.

As Mr. Sparky was taking the medication out of the drawer the pharmacist, in his loudest voice possible, started explaining how to use the medication.

Pharmacist - "There are only five applicators in the packet so she'll have to reuse one or two to make it through the whole seven days."

Mr. Sparky - "Ok"

Pharmacist - "Now, make sure she doesn't place the applicator all the way into the VAGINA. Ok? SHE REALLY SHOULD NOT PLACE THE APPLICATOR ALL THE WAY INTO THE VAGINA, OK? NOT ALL THE WAY INTO THE VAGINA AT ALL.*

Mr. Sparky - "Ok"**

I was dying the whole time watching everyone in line stare out the window at us because the pharmacist was using the loud speaker to explain this to us. No joke. I will never be able to go to that pharmacy again. And it is the only one in town.

* - Pharmacists emphasis, not mine.
** - Mr. Sparky tried to say OK, but it didn't really come out that way. It was more of an okayohmygoodnessgetmeoutofhere ok. All the while he turned shades of red I have never seen before.

And he wanted to go inside!

This is why you should always listen to your wife.


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