Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Precious

There are days where I really want to write and I have all these ideas in my head. Today is not one of these days. I have spent the last three hours glued to the computer working on my project. Yeah, that was a long time ago. After some hemming and hawing and some annoyance by the government, I decided to suck it up and start.

So I have nothing. My brain is mush and I also downloaded all 472 pictures from my camera to my computer. I also sorted and renamed all 472 pictures. I am wasted. So here is a lovely photo essay of The Precious.

This is how we normally find him after we've been gone. He's NOT allowed up there, but don't tell him that!

Then one day I found him like this. He absolutely hates anything covering his head, so I can't imagine how this happened. So I crept closer...***

and closer ...

Until I got to here. He heard me and made it known he was not pleased with the circumstances.

But!! How do you not take advantage of this opportunity? It will never happen again and it is so cute!

Now enjoy a video from a few weeks ago after an interesting winter storm. I have no idea what we are saying in the end except for his ball is lost somewhere under the snow. Almost six inches after it finally stopped snowing!

*** Why yes, my husband does have a blacked out face all the time, thank you for asking. He normally is not so camera shy, just when his mug is on the web. Something about being a cop and bad guys and safety and yeah. So I take his protection seriously. I like my hubby alive and well. Plus I got yelled at for having my Facebook page public. Ooops!

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