Sunday, March 9, 2008

God's Never Ending Grace

Today after church we were talking to a friend of ours about our garage sale to raise funds for the adoption. We have not told anyone about our decisions except our families a few friends (who do not attend our church) and our small group. When we walked up to her, before I even opened my mouth, she said she had things for our garage sale. I immediately knew who had told her, it was our small group leader, and was very ok with it. It's not like we are trying to keep it a secret anymore.

She said she was overjoyed for us and had been praying for us for quite some time. Her husband unexpectedly passed away last year (early 40's - total shock) and she has been doing some major work to her house with the money he had left her. She is gutting her entire home and in the process is giving us all the appliances, all the cabinets, all furniture and some other random things for our garage sale. She is even going to bring it to us! At the same time, another woman we know was walking by and asked why I was crying. We told her about the adoption and the garage sale and God's grace and she said she has a whole bunch of stuff sitting in her garage just waiting for a good place to be sold. She even said she would drop it off at our house!

But it gets better. She says she has something for us, something that she's been holding onto for awhile. She runs to her car and comes back with a check. The check is dated for 02.28, which was before we told the small group that for sure we were doing a garage sale, and before we had really told anyone else about the adoption. The check was for $1000. That's right - enough money to cover the birth-parent letter fee we need at the end of the home study.

I spoke with my mom today to tell her the news and her and my father apparently have been talking for weeks about giving us money. They haven't decided on an amount yet, but they are going to give us some. Of course I started crying again because we would never ask them for money for this. They said they knew we would never have asked for the money, but they feel it is something God is laying on their hearts. And I'm sure some of that is because it's going toward their future grandchild!!

I'll be starting another blog for our friends and family to travel along the journey with us. It will be password protected and the majority of the content will be the same here, just not as much MIL bashing and we will be using our real identities. Mr. Sparky feels much safer without our real selves out in the open for anyone to see. If I know you pretty well (such as communicating via e-mail or whatnot) and you want the password, I'll let you have it. Although I don't know why you would want to read the same boring drivel in two spots!


LifeHopes said...

This is wonderful news! I think that God is really blessing your plans to pursue adoption.

I cannot wait to see what wonderful things are in store!

And your blog is NOT boring drivel!

Mrs Marcos said...

I hope to be able to keep reading (either here or the password protected site). I feel so hopeful for you right now. I wanted to share a website with you - you may have come across it in the "blogosphere" but in case you haven't the address is and the specific post I would like you to see is

Rob and Julie have a biological daughter, Katie, almost three but felt the call to adoption. If you read through the archives there has been heartbreak and red tape galore but it seems the end is near. The video I linked you to is the video of their first meeting with their son, Jorge.

I hope it brings you a measure of peace and hope as you embark on the adoption journey.

Wishing you an "ocean size love" with you and your child-to-be.


andnotbysight said...

That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you. And thanks for posting the story--it made my night!

jamie said...

Woo HOO! God is so amazing! I love how he works out things for his children.