Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nessa the Authoritarian

I rock. Really. It's true.

We deal with a local newspaper to have certain legal notices printed for our clients. After the notice has run it's allotted time, we receive an affidavit that needs to be filed with the court for proof.

Well, being that we work in Podunk, the woman that is my contact isn't the brightest or fastest person I've met. And I'm not trying to be mean, but when you are providing a service for a fee it should be completed quickly and correctly.

Last Monday (as in a week from yesterday) I called and requested an affidavit for a notice that ran in November. She said she would mail it out right away. By Friday I still hadn't received it. I called and she said she mailed it Thursday and we should get it soon.

I opened Monday's mail and found the envelope. That was postmarked for Friday, which means she lied to me about mailing it. But here's the kicker - the envelope was empty. Yes. Not only did she lie to me about the date she mailed it, but she sealed, addressed, stamped and mailed and empty envelope. Bright, no?

So yesterday I called and of course she was out of the office until Wednesday. So I asked for her supervisor. I left a message saying we would no longer be using their establishment and that her employee not only sent me an empty envelope, but she flat out lied to me.

Today while I was out of the office, we got our notice that we had been waiting for. Hand-delivered.

I am that good.


LifeHopes said...

GOod for you!
I think it's sad that one has to go to lengths such as this in order to get the service requested and paid for.

By the way, I still need your email address so I can invite you to my blog!

Nessa said...

I totally forgot busy week. I'm sorry!!

nessa120 at yahoo dot com.

I just don't get why it's so hard to DO YOUR JOB. Really. This is why it is so important for parents to really be involved in their child's education!

jamie said...

Tag, you're it! Write ten random things about yourself, then tag five people.