Friday, March 20, 2009

Hot by When??

I got all excited when Maggie unveiled her Hot By Thirty. I was so getting on that band wagon, especially since she ditched me a WEEK into our Weight Loss extravaganza because she got pregnant. Whatever.

Three days later I fell off, and hard.

I am a great starter of all things weight loss. I have every possible work out video, tried every possible diet (except Atk.ins, I just cannot eat all that meat) and yet I am still over weight. And I always have been, except for the day I was born. A beautiful 6 lbs 7 ounces. The last time I ever weighed what the doctors said I should.**

I have been successful several times at losing large amounts of weight, between 35 and 40 pounds. The problem? I wasn't trying. My freshman year of college I weighed 170 and by spring break I had lost 30 pounds. Home sickness, horrible campus food (the only thing I could eat for months without getting sick was red.vines), and the actual SICKNESS that lasted for six weeks and landed me in the hospital.

Of course, I went through a very traumatic period in life shortly after my freshman year and the binge eating ramped up again in force ( I had pretty much dealt with that issue before leaving for school). Then I decided that drinking my feelings away was a much easier solution and put on 60 pounds in two years. And I lost that again after leaving the restaurant world for retail. Much less food around and always moving. Plus the sticks I worked with was a little bit of motivation too.

Plus the stress of planning a wedding, remodeling our home(which was TWO HOURS away from where I was living at the time) and again, SICK! So it melted right off without me having to really work at it.
Guess what happened after I got married. That's right! I gained 40 pounds in three months. I went from a very healthy (and only 12 pounds from my goal weight) 157 to a VERY unhealthy ...ahem...200. Wow. That's a lot of weight on a 5'6 frame, big boned or not.

In the last few years I've managed to lose and keep off about 15 pounds, give or take a few. And while every time I get on a weight loss kick, with good intentions of course, I don't know how to go about it. Since I've never taken the time to plan things out and just jump right in I always fail. But I'm tired of failing and I'm tired of having so much junk in my trunk.

I had been seriously looking into S. Beach, which of course I have done many times, never getting past the first week (FAIL!) and really making plans (hello Couch to 5K) and revving up my engines to get motivated. Then the phone call came (No, not THAT phone call, I wish).

My best friend is getting married in June or July (of this YEAR!) and I am in the wedding. In Phx, in the summer, in more than likely a strapless dress (bat wings anyone?). So the plan got into full gear and yesterday I started S. Beach.

Since I'm not very good at this weight loss thing and I either have to tell NO ONE or be as open as possible, I am choosing the latter. I am going to be open and honest and YOU PEOPLE are the lucky recipients of my openness. I apologize. Wednesday night I did my measurements and had Mr. Sparky take pictures, which I'm going to do EVERY Thursday, whether I want to or not.

Here you go:
Weight - 187.2
Left Arm - 13.5"
Right Arm - 14"
Chest - 38" (without the boobs of course, I don't think my tapemeasure is that big)
Waist - 40" (at the smallest part! where my actual waist is,. The rest? not so pretty)
Hips - 46"
Left Thigh - 27" (do you know that some people have waists this small???)
Right Thigh - 27"
Left Calf - 17"
Right Calf - 16.5"

Now for the picture. I was going to go all Bi.ggest L.oser but then I looked in the mirror and thought people might read this and then vomit. I wouldn't want to be responsible for vomit, I am NOT that kind of girl. DISCLAIMER - This was NOT how I envisioned my internet debut. I am saddened by this.

My head looks extremely small, I think it is the angle, Mr. Sparky was sitting on the couch looking up.

** as an aside, I think all those doctor charts for weight are a bunch of crap and they can kiss by overweight behind. I'm 5'6 , big boned(for real, not just because I"m fat) and they want me to weigh 125. Yeah right.


maggie said...


I was 189 pounds the first time I tried South Beach. By the time I got pregnant with Jack, about 7 or 8 months later I was in the high 150s, the lowest I have EVER BEEN. And then, after each baby, I was back in the 180 range, which is embarrassing when I think that I weighed that much when I didn't have the just-had-a-baby excuse, but also AWESOME, because it wasn't EXTRA. You know?

Anyway, that's all to say that I was practically the same size as you, huge boobs and all. And South Beach-style really worked for me. I still do it, although not too religiously since I've been doing it long enough to know what works better and what I can skip. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!

Also, I know several people who are SO on board the couch to 5k thing and extol its virtues every time I talk to them, so I have high hopes for you in that arena too. You can do it! WOO!

Anonymouse said...

Ugh...I've recently started the weight loss thing too. I'm working on Hot-by-Class-Reunion (July). We'll see how it works. For me, slow and steady wins the race. I'm 5'9" and probably average framed - 172 (down 2 pounds from a few weeks ago) - slow and steady is my method. Otherwise I fall off the wagon. If I can lose 3-4 pounds a month, I'm a happy camper.

Lizzie said...

Woo hoo! I'm with you, Nessa! I just recommitted to losing the last 15lbs of baby weight, and I started the couch to 5k. I'm running for 20 minutes at a time- something I never thought I'd ever be able to do.

Also those Dr.'s charts ARE crap, and you should look at the book Protein Power by Dr. Eades. It talks about lean body weight and healthy fat percentage. According to the charts, I should weigh 130 even with a "large frame", but with this reference I should weigh 146 on the low side, which is totally more rational for me. Maggie sent it to me - you should email me and I'll pass it along.

lassie said...

I agree those weight guidelines are bunk, but because I'm a "rule follower" I found a good site for weight ranges. It gives a little background on the various tools used for the ranges.

And about your post about M, I still think about the failed adoption we had and wonder/worry about how everyone is doing. Its brave of you to check out another agency. Good luck

allyouwhohope said...

I just wanted to say that I think you are beautiful! I love seeing what people look like after reading their blog for a while!

I hope you have great success with the diet. You can do it! I do the Low GI diet, which is very similar to S. Beach and I've had a ton of success with it. Good luck!