Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Friends of ours need some collective prayer, so I am calling on all the praying people who read this.

I don't know if I've mentioned these friends of ours here before or not, but they have a beautiful little girl (16 months) who has a terrible disease (it begins with Eos and I cannot remember after that) where her body thinks all food(except water) is attacking her, so it attacks the food. This makes her completely unable to eat anything. She is on special formula that smells like gasoline and is fed through an NG tube. Luckily she is covered by the state medical care so they do not have to worry about her medical expenses. Which are astronomical.

She has five doctors appointments each month, two of them are in Phx at the children's hospital where she undergoes a biopsy of her intestine to determine how things are going, imagine a pint sized colonoscopy. Very disturbing.

And her parents are amazing. They are strong (not yet believers but working that way every day) people who are amazing and put their lives to the side so they can completely focus on their little girl. I know you do what you have to when your child is sick, but these people have an attitude that I have never seen. Nothing gets them down.

Yesterday we found out the dad lost his job. And the mom has to stay at home with the daughter because she can't be left at a day care, it's too dangerous. They just moved into a new home, one that is clean and safe since their last one wasn't. We live in a VERY small town and jobs are very difficult to come by.

Please, please pray for this family. It breaks my heart that they are having to go through all of this.

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