Thursday, August 20, 2009

So many things, so much rambling

So much has happened since my post fourth of July post. People have gotten married, people have found out they are having twins (not me people, I wouldn't be able to keep my big fat mouth shut if that were the case!) and it has been ridiculously hot here in AZ.

I decided a while ago that I wasn't going to post anything unless it was HAPPY and SPARKLY and UNICORNS and RAINBOWS. That lasted for a few posts and then I realized that life in general is not always all of those wonderful things. Especially the sparkly, which is sad because I really like sparkly.

I have so many pictures to upload, but I find that I am in the midst of a VERY LARGE ipod project for the MIL and it is monopolizing the one.and.only usb port we have on our computer. I am using old hardware people.

There still is no news on the adoption front, except they ran out of our match letters, which I guess could be construed as a good thing. We have officially been in the pool fourteen months and bypassed the "average waiting time" our agency gave us back in the day. And I have decided I don't like the word pool to define the waiting area of adoption. I happen to like pools, in fact I spent most of my formative years trying to grow fins. However, when I think of pools I think of splashing and fun and summery drinks with little umbrellas. I do not like the pool we are currently drowning in. It makes me never want to get into the fun, summery pools ever again. this makes me sad.

I was in a wedding last month. My very first bridesmaids gig. And the dress was ridiculously beautiful It should have been, in fact, it should have made a 5,000 pound elephant look like a beautiful fairy for it cost well over $200 not including alterations and shoes and appropriate undergarments. But it was for the best woman in the whole world. And it was the most fantastic wedding I have ever been to. I guess it doesn't hurt to have a dad who is a doctor. And a sister who is a florist and can do $10,000 worth of flowers for under cost. I can't wait to post pics.

Oooohhhh!!! And the best man toast!! The Wind Beneath my Wings song is especially hysterical because these two served in Ir*q together. In fact the groom is getting ready to ship out yet again in October. I still pee my pants a little every time I see it. Once I can download some pics I will do so, because it was a beautiful wedding.*

There is so much to tell - especially the twin thing - but it is late and I am old (alas! 30 is just.five.months.away. and I am still at my starting weight. how sad) and discussing the twin thing is still really difficult, but I will get there. And you will have pictures. And I have missed writing!

*If you thing 117 degrees and an outside wedding is beautiful. If not? I cannot help you.

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