Friday, August 3, 2007

The Duggar's

I've watched with sick interest as the Duggar's multiply exponentially. Just yesterday they welcomed a new little Duggar(,21985,22183928-663,00.html). I don't know if I have any words for this. Happy that someone can have kids, yet somehow a little irked that she is having them all, for the entire nation. I guess God bless is in order for the other words I was thinking of are not so kind!

P.S. I don't know how to make links without posting the whole address - can someone please, pretty pretty please, show me how?

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Dooneybug said...

I can tell you the html code way or since you're using blogger, the quick way.

Using blogger: When you are in a post that you are typing, highlight the word(s) you want linked then click on the "link" icon (it's the 5th from the left, next to the text color icon - hover over it and it will say "Link"). A box will pop up where you will put the url of the web page you are linking to. Make sure not to double up on the "http://" text, the best way not to do that is just delete where it's automatically filled in for you and just copy and paste all of the text from the page url you want to link. Once you have the address in the box, click ok and you will see that the link now exists in blue and is underlined. Easy peasy!

If you want instructions on the html code way, let me know and I can email you. I can even tell you how to link a page so a new window pops up.