Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No good title comes to mind

Ok, so my goal of writing at least two posts a week(really, two posts is not THAT hard) fell flat on my big fat booty. I am ashamed of myself, as I read dutifully those women who have things going on(like newborns, and crawling babies, and transfers!) yet are still able to post almost every day. And I? I have nothing close to that and am embarrassed that I thought I could hang with these wonderful women. But alas, I will still plug away because I have a story to tell.

On that note, I am at work and doing this very illegally, so a quick intro to last weeks dr's appt with favorite RN. She was aghast that the dr hadn't ordered more blood work than tsh so I am getting a full work up next cycle. Unless of course I turn out to be pregnant (please, hold the laughter, I know it's a crazy thought). So, hopefully(not really, but you know) Monday will be cycle day 3 and let the blood draining begin! Perhaps some answers.


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