Friday, June 13, 2008

The Grossest Thing Ever... or...Why I Really Do Not Like Birds

Last night we were going to grill salmon. Mr. Sparky went outside to start the grill and seconds later he's calling me out there. All over our grill (the inside mind you) was bird poop and the beginnings of a nest! They have been crawling up through the holes in the bottom to freaking POOP IN OUR GRILL.

I am utterly disgusted. It' s probably payback for moving the nest(and the egg) that had made it's home on top of our front porch light. I was going to take a picture for you, but Mr. Sparky took it down before I could.**

This just reinforces my already FIRM feelings that birds, all birds (even the really majestic and pretty ones) are disgusting and I do not want them anywhere near my home.

Do you hear that birdies??? I will SHOOT YOU WITH OUR SHOTGUN UNTIL THERE ARE NO MORE OF YOU!!!!!

I have a post brewing with actual content soon.

** In our defense we did not know there was an egg until he had gotten it down and then he put it in a safe place. At least it was safe until the gale force winds came down and blew the thing right out of the tree.

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Yoka said...

Sounds like the revenge of the birdies...