Tuesday, November 4, 2008

42 Days & The 44th President

It has been 42 days since I've last posted. A lot has gone on in that time and I just haven't felt like writing. But that is for another day.

I saw McCain speak last night. I wasn't truly inspired, but I suppose after flying to 7 different states in one day and not getting to your last stop until almost 1:00 am one would be quite tuckered. Plus it was cold and windy.

I voted today. For my beliefs and values. But it was hard. I have not been excited about my party's candidate for quite some time and I had been hoping to have some excitement about where our country is headed. But there was no other option. I so strongly disagree with everything Obama stands for.

This was a hard election, just like 2004. I cannot wait until today is over to see what's going to happen to our world.

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Jessica said...

I look forward to when you feel like writing and catching up!

And I'm ready for today to be over, so we can get an idea of what the future will look like. I agree...I'm not terribly excited either way.