Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Baby Shower. For Me?

Monday I got a phone call from my friend S. She wants to throw me a baby shower. As in before the baby gets here. I think it is weird and she thinks it is necessary. Part of me thinks "cool, baby stuff" and part of me thinks "crack-pot!"

I e-mailed Rebekah who is having her own baby shower (coincidentally the same day I am) and asked how she is handling the whole thing and she was very affirming of my freaked-outed-ness, that she felt the same way and now she is ok with it because it's fun to open presents and eat cake (my words not hers).

So there it is. I'm still not 100% ok with the idea. I mean, how do you explain that you are having a shower for a baby that may not even be conceived yet? Weird. I guess I need some time to process the whole thing. Good thing we are already registered and don't really need to worry about that too much.

We will have this shower now, before the baby comes, then AFTER the baby arrives we will have another shower in the Valley of the Sun (Phx) where I am originally from. That way we get the essentials now and all the fun gender specific stuff later. Plus the people in Phx won't get to see the baby a ton and it will be a good way to introduce the baby to them.

In other news, I have lost four pounds in two days. I wasnt' going to weigh myself until Monday, but I could already see changes in my face and other areas and was a little curious. I guess I should do inches since I'm probably losing more of those than pounds right now, but I suck at that.

I am also EXHAUSTED. There has been little sleep on my side of the pull-out sofa bed that we have been sleeping on in our living room since Saturday due to the Great Skunk Debacle of 2008. I'll have to explain that later, let's just say it stinks. Get it? Stinks? Skunk? Whatever, I'm tired, leave me alone.

I may have undone the four pound lose this morning as I treated myself to a Pumpkin Sp*ce Latte. We have a HUGE event tomorrow for work and yours truly is so OVER THIS STUPID EVENT . I am stressed, not sleeping, totally fried. Only 24 more hours and months of hard work will be done. My boss asked me this morning if I was ready for it to be over. I told him a friend of mine asked if we did this monthly. He said he couldn't pay me enough to do this monthly. Amen.

We also go on vacation in 10 days! Perhaps I will just sleep the whole week. Mmmmm, sleep.

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