Friday, February 8, 2008


I spoke with Mr. Sparky and we are getting (finally) high speed internet! So long dial-up doldrums, helloooooo high-speed happiness! I will know be able to do stuff to my blog from home. Not that you really care about all of that, but I do. It's exciting. Especially when there is Absolutley.Nothing.Else going on right now.

In fact, I have the motivation of slug. And I have been working at that break-neck pace ALL WEEK. Which is to say, in laymans terms, I have accomplished absolutley nothing. And I am very proud of that fact thank you very much.

* It must be made known that I HATE that saying. It was just the first thing that came to mind after the glorious high-speed news.

Oh yeah, in other fantastic news - due to the high speed thingy we are getting a new phone jack put in the office/2nd bedroom/will it ever be a nursey/storage room for all of Mr. Sparky's cop crap. The excitment over this is due to the fact that the morons who built our house didn't put a phone jack in that room. Who does this?

Working on a post in response to Mel's latest Friday Blog Round-up. It's been stewing all day in my head and I can't wait to get it out. Nothing earth shattering really, just a good outlet.

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