Friday, February 29, 2008

Tired of Trying to Die *UPDATED

Today is the first day since Monday that I feel remotely human.

And it serves me right, Saturday I was bragging to a friend who has been sick for almost a month now that I have not gotten horrifically ill.

Oh why can't I learn that being a braggart does nothing but cause trouble?

Monday I was nauseous all day, to the point that water was the enemy, and spent most of my lunch hour on the floor. Of course I was flirting with the idea that I could be pregnant Amalah style, not letting the fact that I had just FINISHED my period mere days before deter my thoughts in any way. But by bedtime that night I was much better.

Tuesday morning brought a ridiculously swollen and sore throat, but no other symptoms. Until I got to work. That is when my joints cried in pain every time I moved. And made the day horrid.

Wednesday I awoke with nary a sore throat. In is stead was a vicious case of the hurtsallovers. But I trooped into work and managed to make my way through. Although when my boss asked if I was going through puberty again due to the three octaves lower my register had gotten, I knew it was going to be bad.

Thursday I woke up at 8:03, shortly after I was supposed to BE.AT.WORK. Knowing that I was going to die shortly, I called my boss, left a message and promptly found a comfortable place in bed to shrivel up and die.

Although I didn't die, I'm afraid death would have been my first option. Whatever I have is not pleasant. There has been no puking (blessedly, as I would rather have incessant diarea than puke) but the aches, it hurt to pee. And not in the bad way. Not as if there is a good way...nevermind.

Today I awoke feeling like a new being. Well, at least not as bad as the past few days. I still feel very lightheaded when I move too fast, and I think I have swallowed my weight in snot (sorry), but I don't feel like dying. Which is great. Especially since I have very little vacation time left and cannot afford to miss any work. Good thing my bosses are so understanding.

Oh yeah, the birthmother is having a baby shower soon. It looks like this may not go through. Which is ok. Mr. Sparky and I are a little sad, but mostly relieved. I have to tell you - the end of March is only four weeks away. I know we would make it work, but it's a bit of a relief. We are continuing the adoption path and not looking back. Except maybe a glance or two over my shoulder every now and then.

*** The new being I felt like this morning has died. In it's place a sad, sad, tired and dizzy thing has been put. I took some cold medicine earlier and now feel as if my head is no longer attached to my body. But I'm still at work, coutning down the minutes - only 58 to go, and am looking forward to a nice long hot bath and a hot totty. I have to feel better - we have our last adoption class tomorrow and we are going to Phx to visit Gigantic Baby Store. Which I'm slightly excited about, but we'll see how that goes. I'm willing to bet there will be more than one pregnant woman there on a Saturday afternoon!

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