Monday, July 14, 2008

Inappropriate Behavior on Someone Else's Part

So the letter got mailed off to the agency. Only after a second trip to the printers because they screwed it up the first time. Luckily they redid it for free - which gave me the opportunity to spice it up a bit. But I'm annoyed because they received it a week ago today and it is still NOT UP ON THE WEBSITE! I know they are still showing us to people, but PUT US UP ON THE WEBSITE!

In other news I went to the dentist last Tuesday. I usually enjoy the dentist - we have a great hygienist who is the most lovely woman and who has been cleaning my teeth for the past four years and my hubby's for the last nine. The dentist is actually one of the nicest men I have ever met(it also helps that he is drop dead gorgeous) and very gentle on my mouth. He always gives me lots of nitrous and makes sure I'm very comfortable. He probably does that to everyone, but I like to think that I am special. And the office manager is absolutely amazing. And her husband works with mine so, yeah, it's like a little extended family. My experiences are always good there.

Except for this last time. I had my usual 7:00 am appointment for my 6 month check-up. I got there a little early and the assistant came and got me right away. At least I thought she was the assistant. It turns out that my normal lady (Maria - how much I love you Maria) has Tuesdays off now and they hired a new girl to work that day. Ok, no big deal, I can handle someone different cleaning my teeth. So we chat, she seems nice but a little odd, probably not someone I would choose to associate with on a personal level, but nice. We begin chatting (as best y0u can with someones hands in your mouth) and she couldn't stop complimenting me on my teeth (I have nice teeth - no braces ever and very straight and white) and I told her that when I was little I used to have a HUGE gap between my front teeth (it closed on it's own later - I don't' know why I felt I needed to share that, anyway).

She asked if I was ever teased about it and I said no I was teased for other things. And then she asked what I was teased about. And here is where I take partial blame for the way things ended and I probably shouldn't have said anything but it was early, I hadn't had any caffeine and it came out of my mouth before I even knew what I was saying. I said I developed early and that is why I was teased.

What happened next I would have never expected in my whole life - she lifted up the little dental drape they put around your neck and LOOKED AT MY BOOBS! Then she nodded and said something about nice boobies or something and I was TOTALLY MORTIFIED. If that wasn't bad enough she kept going - saying how she shouldn't' be telling me these things but felt we had bonded and proceeded to tell me icky things about her and her boyfriend. I thought I was going to throw up. BUT!! What do you do when she has pointy sharp things in your mouth and you are in a reclined chair? You do nothing. At least if you are a big old chicken like me.

So I told Mr. Sparky and he of course got mad and wanted me to do something about it and I wanted to die of embarrassment and do nothing about it. He had an appointment today and told our regular Maria that something had happened and she TOTALLY KNEW WHO IT WAS AND THAT SOMETHING BAD HAD HAPPENED. Then she got mad.

After his appointment was done, she walked him to the front and asked the wonderful front office lady what day my next appointment was on - it was scheduled for a TUESDAY- and I didn't even know it. Marie immediately said to change it and the front office lady KNEW that something bad happened. She told Mr. Sparky she thought something had happened by the way I acted after the appointment and was curious at the time but couldn't' ask because the offending party was standing right there!

Oh my. I am glad that it was brought to the open because obviously they have had an issue with her or they wouldn't have reacted this way and who knows how many other people she has been inappropriate with and they have been too scared/em brassed to say anything. Now I have to make another appointment and I'm afraid the topic will come up. I just don't want to talk about it. Yuck.

It took me eight hours to write this post. Mondays stink.

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Rebekah said...

WEIRD!!! If my dentist commented on my boobs, I'd feel a little uncomfortable too!