Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I Shouldn't Be Allowed on the Internet Without Supervision

I'm sure you've all been to, used (or obsessed), or heard of THIS place. It is a common place to visit (or stalk) in our neck of the woods and even though I am no longer charting I still monitor the start and end days of my cycle.

I was needing to schedule my very overdue yearly and wanted to consult the calender so as not to make the appointment during that time. I logged in this morning and became a little confused at what I saw. My dear friend was telling me that I was on cycle day 35. Well, isn't that just the most interesting thing I've ever seen since I usually get a nice new chart every 27 days, like clock work.

Now, I'm sure most of you are thinking what flitted through my own little head this morning - is it possible? could it be? of course it is since we've started the adoption process(said with SERIOUS MOCKING SARCASM).

But lo, after many mad counts on my fingers I realized I had forgotten to input my last cycle which started two Sundays ago. This is why I should be supervised at all times on the Internet. I may even need to move the computer into the living room. Sheesh.


Yoka said...

I know how you hope every month that this is the month and count the days. Every day that you make is like a little celebration until AF comes and crushes all your hopes... But I believe that now that we have adopted a baby I won't be as sad and devastated any more as I was. Infertility doesn't seem to be the biggest thing in my life any more that I had to think about 24/7. It is Lillian now! And I am surprised how fast that changed. I can even see pregnant woman now without having this feeling of jealousy. It has not even been a week...

Rebekah said...

UGH! I hate the workup and the disappointment that follows...Hang in there!