Thursday, September 11, 2008

Adult's and Their Toys

At this very moment my husband is getting ready to testify. This is not at all abnormal seeing as he is a cop. But the subject matter of the trial is . . .different.

A man is being charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault against his wife. She has already plead guilty to the same charges. While I find domestic violence absolutely inexcusable and horrific, this case has a slight turn to it, making it almost a dramady.

When Mr. Sparky arrived on the scene these two had done a fairly good job of beating the crap out of each other. He asked what the issue was and it turns out it's over a certain, hmmm..... How to say this politely, it's over a certain collection of *ahem* toys.

And the best part? The guy is representing himself. And my husband is going to have to sex toys in front of a judge. With a straight face.

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