Monday, September 22, 2008

Hot by Thirty

A few months ago I decided that I was tired of being fat. I've been heavy most of my life, usually being one of the heaviest kids in my classes. And while most of my friends would say I'm not FAT, like obese fat, I am not happy with my body. So I set a goal - in shape by thirty. I have 15 months to get healthy.

And it's funny timing that Maggie should go ahead and start the same thing. Except she's going to be thirty WAY before me. The last time Maggie decided to get us all on a health kick I got an e-mail FOUR DAYS INTO IT saying that she was pregnant. And quiting. Whatever. This time I know she will not do the same thing to me.

So I decided this weekend that I am going to do S*uth Beach diet and really do it this time. And you all are going to be my accountability. I know there are at least four of you who read this drivel on a somewhat regular basis and that should be enough for me to be real and honest. Plus I'm tired of being fat.

Yesterday I noticed my face looked a little pudgy. I usually gain and lose in my face first so I can always tell when it's time to reign in the ice cream. I haven't stepped on my scale in quite some time as it has held a new job - magazine rack. This morning I cleared it off and me and my birthday suit stepped on. And my jaw dropped. I have gained at least five pounds in the past few weeks. Enough is enough.

So let's get real. As of this morning I weigh 187.4 pounds. I am 5'6" so that really is quite a bit. By no means is it the heaviest I've ever been. When I was on a liquid diet (read: alcohol) I weighed a little over 200. By the time I got married (1.5 years after I stopped the liquid diet) I weighed 157. My goal weight at the time was 145, and that is still where I would like to be.

I have never weighed that. Oh, I'm sure at some point in my life I did, but it hasn't been in the last 15 years. I was 160 pounds in junior high and 175 by the time I graduated high school. My weight has fluctuated since then and I am DONE. I am done being uncomfortable in a size 16, done being self-conscious around all my skinny friends (which is ALL OF THEM THEY SUCK) and I am tired of being tired. My husband loves me just the way I am (of course, he has to) but I would like for him to have a hot wife. At least a wife who believes she is hot which is a totally different thing, but whatever, that is not what I am talking about now.

Last month I decided I was going to do the P.F. Chang's 1/2 marathon in January. My birthday is the 13th and the race is on the 18th so I figured it would be a great birthday present to myself. I have no intentions of running the whole thing, but I would like to run at least half (6 miles) and then run the WHOLE marathon on my 30th birthday. These are lofty goals and I suck at keeping my goals. But I really want to be healthy for our kids and myself. Plus God has given me this body and I have totally trashed it. I feel like I should take better care of the gift he has given me.

I will take weekly pictures (if I can't do the whole pregnancy-watch-my-body-grow pictures then I think I should be able to do the watch-my-body-shrink pictures, no?) and post them along with my measurements, accomplishments and struggles. These pictures may or may not have a head attached to them. I'm not sure I'm ready to post my whole self on the internet.

So, 15 months to lose 43 pounds, that's 2.86 lbs a month. I know I can do this.


Lizzie said...

I am TOTALLY on the Hot By Thirty bandwagon! And I have even less time - 8 months! I'm going to try to lose 30 pounds. I'd love to see 145, but really, I just don't think my body can do that and I'm 5'5".

maggie said...

I'd be a lot more supportive if you hadn't said I'm going to be thirty WAAAAAAAAY before you.


Dooneybug said...

Good LUCK sweetie! Wish I had the motivation to do this too, I really need to. There's no way I'd be hot by 30 'cause that's gonna happen in 4 months. AAAAHHH!

Rebekah said...

You can do it!!!! I've been at it for about 2 months now and have steadily been losing 1-2 pounds each week. I don't know much about south beach, but I've been counting calories and increasing my protein. It's amazing what you start seeing when you READ all the labels. It's like, "I was choosing to eat THAT? Yikes!!" Anyway, good luck! And make sure you have something sweet that fits in your regimen (I chose fudgcicles!)

JamieD said...

I like your "Watch my Body Shrink" picture idea!!