Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - A Day Late and A Dollar Short

Because I was ensconced(is that even the right word?) in paint all day yesterday I didn't get a chance to put this up.

Thank you to everyone who is sacrificing everything for our freedom right now. For our freedom to do whatever we want, including post random thoughts freely on the internet. Thank you to the families who are sacrificing time spent with their loved ones, months without spouses, milestones without parents.

Thank you Dad for serving your country during Vietnam.

Thank you Uncle Bill for re-enlisting and uprooting your family from their comfortable home in Louisiana to Germany so you can serve your country in TWO wars.

Thank you Matthew, my cousin, for putting your role as a father on hold so that your daughter's future freedom will be secured while you are being a Black Hawk Crew Chief in the worst place on earth.

Your dedication and service will NEVER be forgotten. Not by those that love you, nor by those who pray for you every day, even though they've never met you. I love you three very much and am very proud of you all.

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