Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One of the longest weekends on record


That is how much we made at our garage sale. We are in shock and awe. There is no way we should have ever made that much money, but God is in control. It was a really fun time. We were all really tired and cranky by Sunday afternoon, but I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

We put up signs at the sale that said, THANK YOU All proceeds go to our adoption fund. So of course everyone asked about it and we got to share a little and we got to hear a lot. We had a few people share their adoption stories and we had people just give us money with out buying anything. We also got to witness to a few people. We kept the local christian music station on all day and people would comment or whatnot and a conversation would start. My dad even got to hear one woman's testimony about how she came from drugs and alcohol, spent 20 years in prison and is now leading a youth group at a local church!

Sunday my parents left around 11:00 am and Mr. Sparky and I decided to close up shop at 12:00. We didn't, we just kind of left things going for a little while and people would straggle in and buy a few things. About a 1/2 hour after the last person left a woman and her daughter pulled up and started shopping. We started talking and she asked if we were Christians and vice versa. Then the adoption talk came up and she told me her story. She had gotten pregnant at 17 and her parents shipped her off to a detention center in LA. While there she accepted Christ and really prayed about what to do with the baby. She really felt God wanted her to keep the baby so she did. Her mother had placed her older sister up for adoption and she didn't feel like she could do it, but she said she does feel adoption is amazing. So she cried a little and we talked alot and they bought some things then left. As I was cleaning up she came back. Her daughter ran up to me and handed me a wad of cash. It was all the money they had and they wanted us to have it!

I can't tell you the amount of times I cried this weekend because of people's generosity. It was totally overwhelming. This just cements my belief that God is in control of this thing and we will be a family very soon.

Our first home study appointment was yesterday and it went really well. We drove down to Phx and met with E (our case worker) and had a great two our meeting. Our next meeting was for this Friday, but she had to reschedule to next Monday. So another trip to Phx is in order, but it's Mother's Day anyway and we'll just spend the night on Sunday. She will be presenting us before our agency's board on May 20 and once they approve we can be put in the book.

We stopped by BRU and bought our car seat and some of the things we will need for the baby. We're holding off on anything that isn't necessary and will borrow things until we have a shower. I think we will have a baby very soon. I also think we are having a girl, but who knows!

The office is getting overhauled into a nursery and the walls will be painted this weekend or next. The crib is waiting to be put together and the bedding will be ordered after the house gets put back together. I couldn't wait and took the car seat out of the box yesterday and it's sitting in the baby's room. I found myself walking in their yesterday for no reason just staring and dreaming. This is really happening, and fast.


LifeHopes said...

I am so excited for you !!!

I just cannot wait for you to realize your dream of being a mother. I will pray for continued blessings!

wanttobeamom said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I am very excited for you that things are moving along! =)

Dooneybug said...

Wow, I am just so happy for you both! What an amazing sale and wonderful people that supported you.

Tracey said...

We are in Albuquerque, but have only just started our paperwork. Hoopefully we'll be active with the company by July...waiting on those fingerprints to come back.
God Bless