Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You want me to do what?

My boss just made me do math. I am an english person, not a mathematical person. If a problem requires me to go higher than ten and I am not wearing sandals? I am screwed. I just finished an accountants job and I do not care to ever do it again thank you very much. I almost cried.

I have oodles of things to write about and do not have the ambition to do so. I also have a birth-mom letter to write and also do not have the inclination to do so. I am procrastinating on every level of my life right now. My brain is done working now that the home study is mostly finished and the serious thinking and answering is for the most part done. I think my brain went on vacation without me. How rude.

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Yoka said...

Congratulations on nearly finishing the home study. For the birth mother letter: it helps to print some out online to help you get started... We never even finished our profile before we got picked... She picked us from a pdf-file that we had done. Good luck for you in the process.