Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Bathroom That Made My Skin Crawl

This is our master bath. Well, the shower and toilet room anyway. This room has always made me feel gross - yucky flowered wallpaper, cutesey lace valance, soft cushy toilet seat.

So I decided to take action against the monstrosity and from the day we moved in every time I would get out of the shower I would peel a little bit of the vinyl wall paper off. Needless to say the progress in the picture below took me almost a year and half to accomplish shower by shower. I had had enough. One weekend while Mr. Sparky was working I set to making over that room.

Here is what I started with.

This is after getting all the paper and glue off and a coat of Killz because they had painted beneath it a rediculously bright blue. And I mean Navy, only brighter. Gross.

It took me almost two full days to prep and paint the room. It took two coats to cover because our walls are VERY textured and even with the longest napped roller it still didn't cover very well the first time. I painted the woodwork (pain in the a#$ woodwork!) of the doorframe and door (which is still in the garage where it has been waiting for a second coat of paint for over a month now) white while the bassboards are the same color as the walls. There is still yucky peeling linoleum flooring and nasty cushy toilet seat, but that is for another month in which we win the lottery.

Here is my masterpiece,

I feel like a normal human being while in this room now. The one thing still needing to be done is to install the outlet covers (which are on my dining room table receiving a coat or two of paint) and hand the door. And the door would be nice, because although we have an open door policy for most things, I do like a little privacy if you know what I mean. Amen.

Up next - A virtual tour of my home in all it's disaray.


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Very nice! Major improvement! Would you like to come help me redecorate some of my house? =)

jamie said...

Looks sooo much better! Good job!