Friday, April 18, 2008

So close I can taste it and I'm a big dork

When we first moved to AZ my parents were going to buy an A&W stand (for those who remember those, weren't they kick ass?) in a small mountainous town not far from the one I live in now. But that fell through and we moved to hell instead (otherwise known as Phoenix). My mother ALWAYS wanted to live where I live now. We have beautiful old homes and gorgeous scenery. They wanted to buy a $250,000 fixer upper and refurbish it.

That was in 1985 and the "fixer-uppers" are now worth over 1.5 mil. It's disgusting. But still very pretty.

Anyway, once I got married and moved to Podunk my parents started to really toy with the idea of buying a home up here for when my dad can finally retire. Except the prices here were astronomical and no one in their right mind would buy a retirement home they didn't plan on living in for several years unless they were loaded. Which my parents are not.

Then the market crashed here and suddenly all these homes started going into foreclosure (as with most of AZ) and my dad decided NOW would be a great time. My brother's kids are in high school and well, you know where are kids are (or aren't) and I am my mother's baby and she wants to be near me and yada yada yada. So tonight I am going to look at a home for my parents. It even comes with it's own renter! Who happens to be a pastor from our church (not anymore, he's moved to a different one) and it's him and his wife and their two kids. Gravy.

Except I don't think my mom will like the neighborhood. It's about a mile and a half from our house and nearly as nice as nice as our neighborhood and I'm pretty sure it will not meet my mother's expectations. But we will see. Who knows. All I know is I want my parents to live here, now would be preferable, but I'll take five years from now too.

I just hope if this isn't the home they will buy we can find one they want. And everything here is super cheap right now. We could buy a BRAND NEW 2000 sq ft home w/ upgrades in the neighborhood we WANT TO LIVE IN for under $200,000. Except we paid WAY MORE than that for our 1600 sq ft (only if you count the AZ room - without that it's only 1300) and since the market took a dive, we owe more than it's worth. Suck it.

Also - this is my 103 post. I totally spaced my 100th post. I am a dork.

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