Friday, April 4, 2008

Miscelaneaus* Ramblings and Other Such Nonsense

Gah. I am so tired of hearing about this stupid dog situation. JUST GET OVER IT ALREADY! I imagine my three loyal readers feel the same way too!

So we leave this tired topic behind and move on to more exciting things. Like baby clothes and adoption applications that only need a few more flourishes and a huge check and the cutest fabric EVER for our baby' room. Oh! and Easter too. I've always been a little behind the times so it shouldn't surprise anyone that it is now the 4th of April and I am just getting to Easter.

But that will all have to come later, tonight or this weekend as apparently I have a job that requires me to work and not spend all day reading my blogs. It's a shame, but true. I do not get paid to surf the internet.

Oh, and pictures too. We are going to start cleaning out the office/future nursery this weekend and I will document its progress with pictures. Yeah! How exciting! Aren't you all riveted?** I know I would be. Plus I'll let you tag along on the journey of my obsession to get the house "ready" for our home study. Which is stupid because it is ready, just not my kind of ready.

Have a great Friday!!

*I have no idea how to spell that word right now and spell check doesn't like titles
**I typed this word no less than five times before realizing that spell check will catch that. This is why I am still a secretary and not a CEO. I just ran spell check and I spelled it right all by myself. Power suits and a corner office here I come!

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