Monday, October 22, 2007

Good Music

If you are looking for a new cd to fall in love with - go check out our friend's website Justin Un*ger . He's a christian artist and was with the band Acr*ss the Sky for a year or so and is now our music pastor. The coolest thing about this project is that no one is making a dime off of it. It was funded by our church, produced and recorded in Nashville with the best people and not one.single.dime. is going into the pocket of anyone. ANYONE. This does not happen in the music industry. It is solely an outreach project - any and all proceeds from the sales are being funneled back into a new cd that will have the same premise.

So go. and look and listen. God has given this man a talent that you would not believe. You can listen to a bit of the songs on his website as well as purchase it too. If you are so inclined. I cannot remember the release date as we got an early copy, sorry!

P.S. - he cannot read music!!

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lightening said...

He sounds really good. That's heaps cool. It amazes me how talented some people are without having to learn a thing. Me on the other hand....years of music lessons just to play not very much (yet).