Thursday, October 11, 2007


I got a phone call from my neighbor J last night. She said she wanted to talk to me in person and if sometime soon I could go down to her house. So immediately I tried to figure out what I had done to hurt or offend her, my mind racing. Finally she said she would just tell me over the phone. Her voice was so full of distress that my heart was racing.

I'm five weeks pregnant, she says. Her fear and trepidation were because she didn't want to hurt me. I wanted to start crying, not because I was jealous (just a twinge) but because of her care and concern for my feelings. She said she had been praying that it would be me and not her, she has three children, two they just adopted from Haiti. I've not yet had anyone truly show that kind of love towards me in regards to their pregnancy.

Now for the prayer. She has had five miscarriages, the last one at Christmas last year. She started bleeding before she even knew she was pregnant, but that little bugger is still holding on. They've got her on complete bed rest (which is difficult - she home schools and hubby works full time) and progesterone in really high doses at least until 12 weeks, if she makes it that far. Please pray that this works, they weren't trying but would love to add this addition to their family. I'm not going to be able to see her until at least next week due to my schedule, but their church has been supplying meals for them. (and if I hear even a tiny peep about how of course they got pregnant and it will work, they just adopted! I will have to check myself into a padded room) But I know you all are much more intelligent than that. You're reading me, right? You can't see it, but the sarcasm is pouring off of those last few words.

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