Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I wanted to take a moment to remind myself that I have oh so many things to be thankful for. I know that I take life WAY to seriously right now, so a little reminder that things really aren't that bad. So here are 20 things that make me smile, not necessarily in this order (except for number 1, that's always going to be number 1).

1. God's grace - without this I would truly be in trouble
2. My husband
3. My family, including my mother-in-law (She's got some great jewelry I should be very thankful about!)
4. Knowing that I'm really kidding about the jewelry, but it is a nice bonus
5. My friends
6. My house, that we own
7. The fact that I have a job
8. The fact that I am not dying, no one in my close circle is gravely ill, and my aunt is recovering quite nicely from a knee replacement (you rock Auntie Cecil)
9. Autumn
10. The smell of turkey roasting away in my mother's oven
11. Knowing that whenever I need it I have at least 10 people who will let me cry on their shoulder
12. My husband (I mentioned him already, right?)
13. My curly hair - and the ability to make it straight whenever I want. It truly is the best of both worlds
14. Beef Stroganoff (my all time favorite meal. We never, ever eat this enough. And spell check wants to make it stroking which makes me giggle like a little boy - Beef Stroking, hehe)
15. My dogs
16. I have never had to suffer the immense grief of losing a child. I would much rather be in my position than to ever lose a child
17. Pumpkin. Anything.
18. Sunsets, especially in AZ. I don't care what anyone says - we have the best ones(partly because of the polution, but that's neither here nor there)
19. Warm, fuzzy slippers
20. Zoo lights - if you are from AZ you know what I'm talking about. Although they've gotten kind of chintzy the last couple of years(I used to work there as a costumed character, before they got cheap, it was great. Maybe I'll post a picture of me as a spotted bear or a frog. I miss that job).

Have a wonderful Turkey day and try to remember that through the hurt and the pain that we are dealing with, there is always one thing(if not more) that we have to be grateful about.

*** I feel the need to set this scene for you. I am sitting at home in a wing backed chair watching the fire roar as it snows(ha!) outside while my feet are wrapped in fuzzy warmth and I am sipping a hot tottie while petting my dogs. It makes me kind of weepy. Yes, I am a dork, I know.

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