Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Just a few minutes ago I was thinking of calling our church to see if they have an adoption ministry. I hadn't been thinking much about adoption in the last few weeks and all of a sudden the thought popped into my mind.

Not five minutes later the woman who worked for the adoption agency we would go through stopped in the office to drop off some info for a client and asked if I go to the Heights (which we do). And she started to tell me how they were getting ready to start an adoption ministry with counseling for infertility, fostering and adoption. My eyes started to tear up and I can only think that God wants us to walk down that path. Every time I have met with Cindy (from the adoption agency) it has been totally by accident and she has had the information that I was literally JUST thinking about.

I'm just stunned at God's weird ways of working in our lives. It's truly amazing! Now we just have a lot of praying to do and see where the path will take us. Wow, I'm really just in shock.

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maggie said...

Wow, that's amazing. God is so good!