Monday, November 5, 2007

The musings of a crazy woman (who wants really, really, badly to be pregnant!) ***Updated

** Not two seconds after I hit the publish button did I realize that the word I clicked on spell check for lightheadedness in 5. was hotheadedness. Which makese no sense. At all. ]

So, I know you all have been dying to know how an infertile woman convinces herself that she is pregnant. At 8dpo. Except now it's really more like 12 dpo and I'm trying really hard not to pee on a stick, or POAS in some circles.

Let's begin.

1. Serious fatigue - needing nap only an hour after I wake up, I have NEVER experienced this before. It could also be the fact that I have been ill since last Sunday and am still trying to get better.

2. Ravenous - the other night I ate the biggest meal and complained about not feeling well afterwards (probably from stuffing myself - dork!) and not a 1/2 hour later I was starving. In fact I just ate lunch and am now starving again. Or it could just be the fact that I like to eat, a lot(which is probably why I am 30 lbs overweight, but that is a sensitive subject, so I won't bring it up)

3. The boobs. Oh dear lordy the boobs! Mr. Sparky has been enamored with them for the last two weeks. They are HUGE. and sore. This must mean there is a baby in there, no? Except for the fact that every month before my period my boobs get big and sore, just not this big or this tender (they are tender under my arm pits and all the way up my chest). But of course I like to imagine things, so it could be all in my head.

4. The cramps. See here is the hard part. I have this bladder thingy which causes me to feel like I have cramps all the time, getting worse before my period. So, it is very hard for me to determine about 3-4 days before the period what are actual period cramps and what's from my IC. Except I don't really feel very pmsish, but again, I have an overactive imagination( and a true love for the comma).

5. The dizziness/hotheadedness. I can't stand up without having a disco ball going off in my eyes. And at church yesterday I to sit down really quickly while we were singing. In fact right now I'm a little lightheaded, but that could be from the ravenous hunger too. Hmmm, no rationalization for this one.

So for the last week Mr. Sparky and I have been walking around the house saying I'm pregnant. I even ventured to tell my friend S at the hockey game Saturday night that I thought I might be. So we wait, until Wednesday, when I can get a blood test because I refuse to pee on a stick! I will not do it! I have some (and by some I mean shreds really. There isn't much left) dignity. In fact, I was at Big L*ts today and didn't buy any. Well, they didn't have any, but had they had some! I would not have succumb.

Oh yeah, did I mention that some of these things can be related to the Prometrium I'm on? No? Silly me.

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