Friday, November 2, 2007

My Dogs

Since the beginning of this blog I've been saying I will post pictures of a plethora of things and have yet to produce. In my defense we have dial-up at home and I keep forgetting to bring the camera into work. Well, the bosses are away today so I decided to upload some pictures.

Let me introduce you to my dogs:

Austin & Jax

This picture was taken the first day we got Jax, when he was 5 months old. He and Austin are now almost the same size and Jax is 9 months old. Austin is Shepard/Pointer mix and Jax is a Catahoula hound. We adopted this time last year, Happy Birthday Austin!, from the pound after we found out Mr. Sparky was going to the night shift. It has been documented that I do NOT do well by myself at night. No, it is very bad. Luckily that only lasted three weeks.

We toyed around with the idea of getting a second dog for awhile, as in from the time we got Austin until the day BEFORE we got Jax. It just wasn't fair to have Austin all by himself all day long. Actually, before we got Jax, Austin was only home alone all day for two days a week. That's not too bad if you ask me. Finally we decided that it was just going to be too much work for another dog and we didn't need the hassle. We travel down to Phoenix a lot and it's a pain to travel with Austin so I can't imagine what it would have been like with two dogs. Plus it's expensive to board two dogs too.

One sunny Sunday we were running errands after church and walked past P*t's Mart. And wouldn't you know it was Adopt A Pet Day. If I had a picture of two suckers, well maybe just one, it would look a lot like me, in every way shape and form. As we were walking down to T*rget I spotted the cutest thing I have ever seen, as evidenced above (not the best shot, I have more cuteness to follow) and immediately told Mr. Sparky we needed to have him. Someone had abandoned him when he was 5 weeks old on the side of the road. That would be March and March here is cold, very cold. So we did all the necessary things, home visit to make sure the dogs would get along and they could "check out" our house, fill out nineteen thousand reams of paper work and sign over any available organs we could spare.

And Jax came home to live with us. Except his name wasn't Jax at the time, it was Happy Jack. And as Mr. Sparky was telling the puppy to get off of whatever it was he was on, Jack's Off!!!! was yelled and I burst into 12 yr old boy laughter. Good lord that was funny. So we shortened it to Jax, which is much cuter, and do NOT.EVER. say Jax Off!! See - I'm rolling around on the floor as I type this because I am that immature.

So here are some more pictures of the dogs, sometimes I love them and sometimes I want to get rid of them. The puppy, AKA Jax, AKA piggy horse dog (he gallops like a horse and makes piggy noises when he gets excited. Man, that dog is so frickin' cute!) has a habit of crawling under our bed, which when he was a little puppy wasn't that big of a deal, except now that he is a 45 lb puppy he gets stuck and barks until we come and free him. Ahhh, seriously, it's like having kids. I pray the puppy faze is over soon, Austin is two this month and is still rather puppyish himself.

So, pictures of the dogs abound.

I am so cute, how could anyone not fall madly in love with me?

This was the day we brought him home, I really wish he would have stayed this size!

Mom, I didn't do it, I am innocent! I swear!

I wonder what happened in here? Who do you thing it was?

What? I didn't do it!


I was a tad angry when I found this little mess, however, it now pales in comparison to some of the other things these dogs have done.

Please join me tomorrow when I explain how an infertile can convince herself she's pregnant at only 8dpo. It's really quite the talent.

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Mrs Marcos said...

Love the dog stories! We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.