Thursday, January 17, 2008

14 degrees

And I thought yesterday's low of 23.8 was cold! Seriously.

MIL called last night and talked to Mr. Sparky. She has no clue that my birthday has come and gone. He thought about telling her, but decided to skip it. If we were to miss her birthday, oh, the holy high hell we would pay. She is such an odd bird. She keeps trying to bribe us to go down and visit (2 hr trip) and Mr. Sparky for some reason can't tell her she is more than welcome to come visit us. She has visited us approximately 5 times since we've been married (3 yrs!) and always complains that she doesn't see us enough. Sheesh.

Anyway, in other news, I had an epiphany yesterday at the copy machine. What? Isnt' that where all great ideas are born? I'll share it soon, as it is in response to a post I have started but not finished. It was just a reminder that throughout everything, God IS in control. I just have to let him be and stop screwing everything up!

Mr. Sparky got to go to SWAT training yesterday and today. Today they are doing covert building searches. He's having Seriously. It's like playing cops and robbers and getting paid for it! I know, I know. Trust me, there are some serious down sides to the job, but he loves it and it's the only thing he's ever wanted to do. So what's a wife to do besides support her man in what his true heart's desire is. Especially since this whole thing seems to be orchestrated by God. He's got a good way of sneaking in our lives and doing good things while we are trying to figure out what WE think is best for us. Silly, silly people.

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