Friday, January 18, 2008


I need a distraction. I am having odd back pains, random bouts of nauseua, and very tired. I NEED a distraction. If I ovulated when the OPK says I did, it was two days early than normal so I should be getting my period in two days. If not, then I still have four days until my period and this has been the longest.cycle.ever.

I know in my heart I am not pregnant, but it doesn't stop me from wondering, hoping. Please God, give a good distraction, because right now?, work isn't cutting it. Either that, or a positive pregnancy test. One or the other, I won't be picky, honest.

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LifeHopes said...

Oh how I hate the end of the two week wait ... every hour just seems to take an eternity to pass.

I really really hope this is your month, though, and that your wait will soon be over!!!