Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maggie's Weight Loss Challenge

That's the unofficial name anyway. Maggie over at, well, I can't really remember what the new name is, Pacifier or something-or-other, but she'll always be mighty Maggie to me, has four pounds to lose. Four pounds people to get back to pre Jackson weight!! I am very proud of her.

She has decided that there needs to be some internet support though, so I am joining the band wagon. Since I have about 40 pounds I want to lose and for the life of me cannot do it by myself, I have decided to join a bunch of strangers and get healthy. Yeah me.

It's funny how much apparently we are all ready for this. Maggie decided we should start on the 10th and before yesterday was over, the majority of us had already signed up and started! We are very, very motivated. It will be good to watch others. And not in the creepy stalker way that came out. What I mean is that it will be good to watch others who are in the same boat as me - stuck. We are all pretty much the same age, most of us have kids, and I think all but one is married. I think this will be good, as long as we can all be honest with each other. Maybe the "stranger" aspect will keep us honest. Isn't it funny how we can be so open and honest with people we don't know, yet at times we cannot even look at the one's we love most and be honest. Weird how we are wired, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm really excited about this since I want to lose weight and be healthy if I ever do get pregnant. How unfair is it to the baby if I'm a big 'ole pig? Mr. Sparky and I got into a discussion the other night about how much weight I should lose. He likes a little junk in my trunk (wow, I feel a little dirty saying that. In the unclassy sort of way, not the hookerifick sort of way.) and doesn't want me to lose too much. We bartered for a while and finally came to a compromise. My goal will be to lose 35 pounds. I might link to the site from here, but I have a pic of both of us up, so I don't know how comfortable I feel about that.

So, have a wonderful evening and if you can, eat some ice cream for me!

** Updated to add that I am a moron and Maggie has NOT in fact changed the name of her site, it is still Mighty Maggie. She's just become a slave to the nap and the gigantic pacifier. I miss the flamingos.

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