Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Five Observations for Wednesday

1. I got a new work out DVD for my birthday - The Firm's Slim & Sculpt with the workout ball. Holy Cow. I was totally winded and basically DONE by the time the warm-up was over. THE WARM-UP people! That is sad. But I got at least 10 minutes into it and my thighs hurt like you wouldn't believe.

2. 23.8 degrees (f) is cold. It doesn't matter how warm the house or car gets, that is a really bad way to start the morning.

3. It shouldn't be 23.8 degrees in AZ, unless there is snow! (which we have none of by the way.Hello, mother nature? I'd like you to come visit my house please.)

4. Last night I realized that I hadn't gotten a call (or card) from my MIL on or around my birthday. I also realized that my insurance agent called me to wish me happy birthday.

5. The first shows of American Id*l are the best part of the show. Did anyone see the guy who waxed his chest? Or the creepy guy who sang about stalking Paula? Man, I don't think Mr. Sparky and I have laughed that hard in months. It was good.

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